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The Arab British Economic Summit 2019 (ABES 2019) is an ABCC Event taking place on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at the QEII Centre, London. Programme and speaker information will be communicated on the website in the lead up to the event.

ABES 2019 will highlight the subjects most relevant to UK and Arab business. The Summit will provide insights into key topics through panel discussions, keynote speakers and by providing opportunities for discussion with other attendees. It will showcase the broad range of projects emerging and under development within the Arab world and the huge scope for British involvement. It will offer invaluable opportunities for investors, exporters, experts, consultants and providers of services to engage in dialogue with project leaders and decision makers.

ABES 2019 is a must-attend event for British and Arab business leaders, corporate affairs and public policy professionals and is an exceptional opportunity to network with people from all sectors.

The Programme

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8:00 - 08:50am

09:00 - 09:50am

09:50 - 10:40am  Infrastructure, investment and sustainable development 

Both the UK and the Arab region face enormous difficulty in planning, building and maintaining a modern infrastructure. The session will look at what can be done to help ease these challenges in order to attract inward investment in this sector. Infrastructure can play a vital role in promoting sustainable economic development in the Arab World. Opportunities for cooperation and investment will be at the forefront of the discussion.


10:40 - 11:10am

11:10 - 12:00pm

Renewable vs non renewable energy

The Arab countries are starting to realise the full potential of renewable sources of energy for powering their major industries and for domestic consumption. The session will consider what still needs to be done to enable industries currently dependent on traditional carbon-based energy sources to switch to renewables. The investment opportunities in the sector will also be a prime focus of attention.

12:00 - 12:50pm

MENA: A hub for global markets

The MENA region has emerged as an important strategic ‘hub’ for facilitating trade between the UK, Europe and the new global markets such as Asia. Speakers will focus on the key sectors that can especially benefit from the MENA hub and the factors that make it most attractive to investors. Existing investment opportunities will be pinpointed as the region expands as a hub for inter-regional trade.

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12:50 - 01:50pm

01:50 - 02:40pm

Agriculture and water security

As the Arab region and the rest of the globe continue to experience a high rate of population growth, their agricultural sectors and water supply face considerable challenges. The session will consider to what extent the Arab world will rely on imports to meet local demand for food produce and highlight the investment and partnership opportunities as the region acts to develop sustainable agriculture.

02:40 -03:30pm

Youth employment and entrepreneurship

Youth are a major demographic group across the globe and, particularly, in the Arab World. While there are already a number of opportunities for youth out there, much needs to be done in order to mobilise this economically marginalized group, so as to allow them to reach their full potential in the labour market and reduce the skills mismatch. There are many areas in which investment can have a hugely positive effect; education, training, business mentoring, and provision of seed finance for start-ups, for example. Yet, even more opportunities are now arising with the increasingly widespread use of Artificial Intelligence/Big Data/Analytics and the need for soft and digital skills, which provide potential career paths for youth who are considered to be ‘tech natives’.potentially provides new career paths for youth, who are considered to be ‘tech natives’.

03:30 - 04:00pm

04:00 - 04:50pm

Banking and finance: fintech and blockchain

The session will explore how traditional banking in the UK and the Arab world can adapt to the disruptive impact of fintech on the financial industry. It will further consider whether the UK and Arab region possess the suitable infrastructure to enable a major fintech industry to flourish. Finally, speakers will address the potential opportunities for investment in the UK and Arab fintech industries.

04:50 - 05:00pm


ABES 2019 reflects a shared vision of cooperation to achieve the common goals of prosperity, sustainable development and economic security by unlocking initiative and forging new relationships.  Serving international trade for more than four decades, the Arab British Chamber of Commerce is a trusted voice in international trade working to foster enduring economic relationships and collaboration between the UK and the 22 countries of the Arab World. 

This shared vision of successful Arab-British partnership is anchored firmly in the fundamental principle of ‘friendship through trade’, an ethic which has driven forward the work of the Chamber since it was founded. 


Secretary of State for International Trade
and President of the Board of Trade

Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf

Lord Mayor of the City of London

Chairman of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Venue

Located right in the heart of Westminster and within the shadows of historic London’s Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and London Eye, our venue, the QE11 Centre, is one of the UK capital’s pre-eminent spaces for corporate events, conventions, exhibitions and conferences. The centre boasts world-class facilities and a capacity of up to 2,500. The Centre is a very popular and successful venue hosting up to 400 meetings and events each year.

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The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce is the only business support organisation in the UK whose remit covers the rich diversity of the Arab region that stretches from North Africa through the Maghreb and Eastern Mediterranean to the Gulf.

As such the ABCC is uniquely placed to assist in the promotion of bilateral trade and investment between Britain and the Arab countries. To achieve this end, we work closely with government ministries, official trade and investment bodies, the Arab diplomatic missions in London, the League of Arab States and the extensive national and international network of the Arab and British Chambers of Commerce. The Chamber’s distinguishing motto: ‘Friendship through Trade’ reflects the core aims of our organisation and its mission.

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